16 May 2024 to 19 May 2024
All day
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Town Centre
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Read the Groovefest brochure here.

Groovefest music weekend. A weekend of disco, soul and motown classic in Darlington.

Visit our town centre venues to see artists, DJ and musicians performing classics that we all love.

Programme will be available to collect to find out where to go throughout the weekend.

Kicking Off on Thursday 16th May with a themed quiz and the market hall or The Greatest HIts of Mowtown at the Hippodrome.

The Motown Show Tickets


Thursday 16th May 

7pm The Hippodrome                  Greatest Hits of Motown  

7pm Market Hall                           Themed Quiz Night   - Disco, Funk, Soul and Motown  

9pm The Quakerhouse                 Blue Session & Open Mic   

Friday 17th May 

7pm The Forum                            Cold Flame 

7pm Angels Cut                             Bradley Thompson 

7pm Red Lion                                Lee Paul’s Soul Show 

7:30pm Crooners Champagne Bar Let EM Stu 

8pm The Quakerhouse                 Moonlight Zoo, Caitlin Morrow  

8pm Miss Ruby’s                           Ryon the DJ 

8pm Boot & Shoe                          Bethcha By Golly Wow 

8:30pm Turks Head                       DJ Ben 

8pm Old English Gentleman         So What 

9pm Ignite                                     Wriggy and Sean Gilly 


Saturday 18th May 

12pm Market Hall                          Young DJ’s and Record Fair

3pm Bondgate                              Outdoor DJ Mike Stead plus special guests (Classic funky vibes) 

5pm Bar Forno                               Saxosoul DJ 

7pm The Forum                             The Callows 

7pm The Orb                                  DJ Andy Talc – Soul, Funk & Groove 

7pm Tapas Bar                               Kerrison Collective 

7pm Miss Ruby’s                            Ryon the DJ 

8pm Crooners Champagne Bar     Rachel Fawcett with Alex Fawcett 

8:30pm Turks Head                        DJ Azz 

9pm The Quakerhouse                  Spanish Battery 

9pm Ignite                                      Wriggy and Sean Gilly 


Sunday 19th May 

3pm Bondgate                                Outdoor DJ Mike Stead plus special guests (Classic funky vibes) 

2pm Bar Forno                               Saxosoul DJ 

4pm Number One Bar                    Dave Oliver

4:30pm The Turks Head                 Melt (Soul Band) 

5pm Red Lion                                 Claire Page the Soulstress 

6pm Boot & Shoe                           Joe Black 

6:30pm The Quakerhouse             Tim Lowe Plays Bruce

7pm Old English Gentleman          It's Raining 80s 

7pm Tapas Bar                              Christy McAllister