FREE business regeneration planning workshop available for Darlington businesses.

First published: Friday 04 Sep 2020

Darlington Borough Council and Business Doctors have teamed up to offer businesses in Darlington the chance to take part in a fully funded 3-hour online planning workshop.

The cost of the workshop and toolkit would normally be £500; however, we are offering the workshop for FREE.

As this is a workshop with full engagement and peer group interaction and learning, places are limited to 10 business owners. This is an exclusive offer from Darlington Borough Council, and we are pleased to invite you to join this 3-hour online workshop. The event is being scheduled on the Zoom online platform.

To cut through the plethora of COVID webinars and vast array of information being generated at this time,
Business Doctors, have created a peer to peer business planning workshop focusing on business regeneration in the ‘new normal.’ The Business Regeneration Planning Workshop and Toolkit will benefit business owners by guiding them through a 6R process:

  • Return - How to balance the responsibility on employers between getting their business going, and their duty of care to employees and customers;
  • Renew - Taking a step back to renew personal aspirations, core purpose, set a vision for the future and build a shared purpose with the team;
  • Review – Take stock of the world around you. What has changed? What does it mean for your business? How might you need to adapt?;
  • Refresh - Energising your business model and approach. Listen, learn, and reposition around new
  • Revive – Give new energy and strength to the business. Identify the skills you will need, set out a clear proposition and point of difference. Be clear about what will make you different and make you better as you come out of this;
  • Regenerate – Time to lead and set a clear direction. Re-energising your business around your new
    strategy and actions plans.

Key features include:

- A FREE fully interactive online workshop
- A FREE structured business planning workbook to help capture and record key learnings
- A FREE sales activity planning tool
- A FREE downloadable business Planning Implementation/project management tool
- 30-day FREE access to the Pulse Forecasting and Financial planning platform
- 30-day FREE access to the Business Doctors HR platform
- 30-day FREE access to the Engagement Multiplier staff engagement platform
- A FREE private 2-hour follow up review session with a Business Doctor advisor
- Opportunity to maximise interaction between delegates for common success

Places are limited. You can confirm your place or find out more information by contacting Simon Grant on
07932 664391 or by email

*You are eligible to attend the workshop if the business pays its Business Rates to Darlington Borough Council.

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